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Juices & Coconut Blossom Syrup

for the making of Caribbean cocktails 

Organic Noni Juice

Globalis Organic Noni Juice is a natural product, i.e. variations in appearance, color and taste are natural and a sign of the high quality of our juice.

It is a pure, fully aromatic juice, with a high Brix-Value* and made without reconstituting a concentrate .

In accordance with food regulations, it is produced without preservatives. [more]

Organic Aloe Vera Natural Juice Premium

Aloe Vera has been known for centuries for its mysterious beauty, natural elegance and legendary resilience.

In some civilizations it was even considered to be divine.

The oldest known records of Aloe Vera and the use of its juice are about 6000 years old and originate from Egypt.

Aloe Vera was regarded in many places as the plant whose "blood" gives beauty, health and immortality. [more]

Coconut Blossom Syrup  KokosBlütenSirup

Our coconut blossom syrup is the specialty among our Globalis coconut products.

The percentage of added sugar in syrups is usually 40-50%. This is not the case with our Globalis Balinese coconut blossom syrup - it is guaranteed to be sugar-free. Coconut Blossoms grow wild and naturally, they are harvested by hand and manually processed.

Produced and bottled carefully on site, it is a unique, digestible and versatile syrup for your refined and creative cuisine. [more]